Change your Tune with AmpCoil

Your body is like a musical instrument. Every cell in your body needs to stay tuned to a specific frequency to function optimally. Metals, microbes, toxins, stress and many other factors can pull your cells out of tune. AmpCoil is a proprietary system that utilizes sound frequencies delivered via a pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) to help get your cells back into tune and resonate your body’s natural frequencies in perfect harmony. When cells resonate at their optimal frequency, it creates balance leading to health and vitality.

Over 90% of AmpCoil’s most active users reported that the AmpCoil system has been instrumental to their personal wellness.

Madison struggled with multiple debilitating symptoms for years.


AmpCoil is a Complete Home Wellness Package

BetterGuide App

BetterGuide App

Select a program on the tablet and it creates resonant frequencies specifically designed for your area of interest.

Sound Frequency Amplifier

Sound Frequency Amplifier

The custom built sound amplifier increases the power of the frequencies to the optimum level while maintaining excellent audio purity.

AmpCoil PEMF Delivery System

AmpCoil PEMF Delivery System

The electromagnetic coil envelopes your body with sound and PEMF waves tuned to your chosen resonant frequencies.

Watch this video to learn how AmpCoil works and how easy it is to use.


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Healthcare Professionals Love AmpCoil

AmpCoil is one system we have adopted into our practice and use with consistent positive results. We see activation of the immune system, better circulation, reduction in pain, and increased energy.

— Caspar Szulc
President & Co-Founder,
Innovative Medicine, LLC

The AmpCoil has been a game-changer in our practice. We have seen some pivotal moments with our patient’s care. We have seen anxiety melt away within 2 minutes on the coil. We have seen a full-body rash vanish within 24 hours of a session. We have even had a young woman report the return of her menstrual cycle after 5 years without a cycle. We are so grateful to offer this therapy to our practice members.

— Dr. Nicole Rivera
Integrative Wellness Group

The AmpCoil and its ability to work with the body’s natural healing mechanisms is integral to our week-long intensives supporting those who suffer from Electromagnetic Hyper-Sensitivity (EHS). This technology creates an affordable option for continued home care with great efficacy.

— Dr. Russell John Kort, D.C.


AmpCoil 3.0 Series

The AmpCoil System Includes

  • The AmpCoil Amplifier Built into a Hard Shell Carry Case

  • The AmpCoil Coil

  • Tablet Computer with the BetterGuide App

  • AmpCoil CommUnity

  • AmpCoil Customer Support & Help Center


Bring AmpCoil home today and live your best life!

Finance options starting as low as $146/month

Upon approved credit with a minimum down payment of $810.

Interest-free financing available for first 12 months.

Purchase For $7995

The AmpCoil System also includes a free subscription to the AmpCoil Academy. The Academy is a series of online videos that teaches all you need to know about how easy it is to use and enjoy your AmpCoil System.

Call us at 833-AMPCOIL (833-267-2645) to purchase the AmpCoil System or schedule a call with our team to learn more.