The AmpCoil System is based on Energy, Frequency and Vibration!

The AmpCoil Difference

AmpCoil is a wellness tool that works with the energetic body utilizing innovations from Nikola Tesla, mainstream physics, and quantum mechanics.

What makes AmpCoil unique from other devices on the market is the combination of multiple scientifically proven technologies that help to balance the body's systems at a sub-cellular level.

  • Sound Frequency Delivery
  • Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF)
  • BioAcoustic AmpCoil Magnetic Field
  • Bioresonance
  • BetterGuide Software

AmpCoil Sound Frequency Delivery

The unique and sophisticated sound frequency delivery system of the AmpCoil is easy to use and key to its amazing power and capabilities. There is simply no other system like it!


(1) The user selects a journey in the BetterGuide software which generates specific sound frequencies.


(2) The sound frequencies are amplified via the custom designed amplifier.


(3) The coil delivers the amplified sound frequencies via pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) throughout the body.


(4) The PEMF and sound frequencies assist in tuning cells back to their natural resonance to create harmony and homeostasis.

Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field (PEMF)

Devices that utilize PEMF technology emit electromagnetic fields at different frequencies in order to stimulate the body's natural recovery process and encourage homeostasis.

Benefits of PEMF include:

  • Improved Cellular Respiration
  • Balanced PH
  • Increased Energy
  • Refined Immune Response
  • Alleviation of Depression
  • Better Microcirculation



The huge difference between AmpCoil and other PEMF systems on the market is that AmpCoil uses the magnetic field from the coil as a delivery system for the sound frequencies created by the BetterGuide software.

This is an engineering breakthrough that transforms our modified Tesla coil into a virtual instructor for every cell in the body to help tune back to their natural resonance.

BioAcoustic AmpCoil Magnetic Field


AmpCoil uses sound to create and deliver a BioAcoustic AmpCoil Magnetic Field. It's PEMF without the "forcing" of a strong mechanical wave repeating at the same frequency. To be more specific, the AmpCoil produces Sine Waves which are very smooth rolling magnetic waves delivered with no abrupt changes in amplitude. The body receives that information and turns it back into sound incredibly enough through optimizing the process of entrainment.

The nature of sound delivery through a magnetic field is such that as the frequency range goes up we don’t need the same strength of magnetic density to work with the body, and the magnetic power diminishes. However when in a lower frequency range the AmpCoil amplifier’s intuitive design boosts the magnetic field power to achieve an optimum consistency of output among a wide frequency range for optimal user experience.

Learn more about AmpCoil and how to Tune Into The Best You!


Human cells and organs emit electromagnetic sound frequencies as a result of their metabolic process. Cells can lose their healthy resonance in the presence of stress, toxicity, and trauma. AmpCoil’s bioresonant sound therapy helps tune the cells’ resonance back to its natural state and restore harmony in the energetic body, allowing for healthy homeostasis.



BetterGuide = Better Results

The irreplaceable value of the AmpCoil System resides in the BetterGuide software. Our research and development team has decades of experience in frequency delivery.


AmpCoil's proprietary software takes the guesswork out of what frequencies to play, for how long, and at what amplitude. BetterGuide includes a comprehensive library with hundreds of different programs and limitless combinations of customized sound journeys.

BetterGuide journeys include frequency sets and vibrational patterns commonly associated with the widely held and researched theory of cellular resonance.

BetterGuide Voice Print

Whatever is happening in and around you has a powerful effect on you. Fear, news, active infections, stress, and the environment fall cause reactions in the physical, emotional, and energetic body.

Imagine you were in a heated argument with your partner and then quickly called a friend on the phone. The emotional charge, or out of balance frequencies in your voice, would easily be registered by your friend from the energy in your voice.

In a similar fashion, the Voice-Print can also distinguish how the body is reacting to environmental stressors.

The Voice Print function of the BetterGuide app samples the sound input from your voice and specifies the areas most out of tune and a need to be harmonized so that the AmpCoil can customize your journey with extreme focus.



AmpCoil Academy - Your Private Instructor

To empower and support each and every user we have developed AmpCoil Academy.

The Academy is a 9 part video series that covers all aspects of the technical components, software, customization, and device care in a series of easy to follow video tutorials.

You Are Not Alone

Unlike most technology companies, AmpCoil has a live support team with over 50 years of cumulative experience in frequency delivery and magnetics.

Connect with others who have walked the path to rebalance their wellness and know what it's like to make decisions from a depleted state.

We are here for you from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm PST, every week, and can’t wait to help you feel your best!