Ambassador Affiliate Program

Independent AmpCoil Ambassador Program

Ampcoil Ambassadors

Independent AmpCoil Ambassadors are AmpCoil owners who are dedicated to sharing the incredible opportunity that AmpCoil offers to support increased wellness and peak performance in the comfort of their home or professional office. AmpCoil Ambassadors share the technology with others in their community either independently or through their practice.

The Ambassador program helps to support you with resources for speaking about AmpCoil, how to give a demo session, and more!

It’s important to note that if you’re running a business using the AmpCoil, you’re required to become an Independent AmpCoil Ambassador so that we can provide the support and the tools you need to grow your business.

Good News Travels Fast!

It’s natural to share success stories, and when we find a solution that works we want to tell everyone how fabulous it is. This is a wonderful way to share opportunities! We’re here to support you in spreading the word - and to ensure that you know how to share information clearly and correctly. At some point we’ve all played “Whisper Down the Lane” – remember how different that final message was from the first one that was spoken?  Our goal is to support you in sharing information that is vibrant and accurate. We are dedicated to providing you with the tools you need to share this incredible technology accurately and effortlessly!

Benefits of being an Independent AmpCoil Ambassador:

  • Independent AmpCoil Ambassador training & education - supporting you in sharing the AmpCoil technology with others
  • Increased referral fee when someone you referred purchases a device
  • Receive demo referrals when people contact us, potentially resulting in receiving demo referral fees (Note: This requires additional training to be included on the AmpCoil Demo Provider list.)
  • Access to exclusive Ambassador calls, more extensive training, and inside news

Interested in Becoming an Ambassador?

Email us at for more info.