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What does Frequency have to do with Wellness?

What does Frequency have to do with Wellness?

“We are frequency. Everything in the universe is a frequency. It's a vibratory pattern,” said Freddie Kimmel, Wellness Coach and Host of the Beautifully Broken Podcast. 

“My favorite way to think about the human body’s frequency range is the idea that something will have a different frequency as a result of its texture. If we were to put a fingernail, tooth, ear lobe, eyeball, hip bone, and liver on a table, we'd see they all have very specific texture. And as a result of that texture, or one could say, their metabolic process, they have a specific vibration,” Freddie said.

With that visual, it’s easy to see how much like human bodies, everything has an energetic vibration including things like anger, love, wellness and/or disease

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How Does Ampcoil Help The Body To Heal Itself? 

“AmpCoil broadcasts the beneficial frequency range of a tissue, system, or an energetic emotional pattern to the body. And through the process of entrainment, the body picks up the lesson plan,” 
- Freddie

Our bodies have the innate intelligence to self-heal. Stress has a profound impact on the human body, disrupting its natural harmony and throwing it out of tune. When stress takes hold, a cascade of physiological responses is triggered, setting off a chain reaction that disrupts the body's delicate balance. The release of stress hormones, such as cortisol and adrenaline, elevates heart rate, constricts blood vessels, and raises blood pressure, putting undue strain on the cardiovascular system. Simultaneously, the immune system weakens, making the body more susceptible to illnesses and infections. Chronic stress can also disrupt sleep patterns, impair digestion, and lead to unhealthy coping mechanisms like overeating or substance abuse. The cumulative effect of these disruptions leaves the body in a state of disharmony, leaving individuals feeling physically and mentally imbalanced, affecting overall well-being and altering the natural self-healing state of the body.

Entrain Your Cells to tune in to their natural frequencies

That’s where AmpCoil comes in. AmpCoil acts as a tuning fork, supporting the cells in the body to entrain to their natural, healthy frequency – resolving any distortions that we experience due to chaotic environmental factors. 

“Dampening the default mode network allows for us to receive,” said Lauren Sambataro of the Biohacker Babes Podcast.

“Yes! When I had my AmpCoil demo, electricity shot down my leg to my ankle where an old injury had never quite healed. The communication was so clear. My body said, ‘We’re gonna send this where it needs to go.’ It was like a freedom was unlocked,” said Renee Belz of the Biohacker Babes Podcast.

AmpCoil’s sound and PEMF technology helps remove the blocks, communicate with our bodies and give them the information, or lesson plan, they need to heal.

Why is Being Open Minded Important When it Comes to Frequency & Self Healing?

“Biology of belief or believing that anything is possible, while being truthful, is important. Believing you’re healing and that your body is capable of healing has a frequency of its own,” Freddie said.  

If a body resonates frequencies of disbelief or doubt in our innate ability to heal, those negative frequencies become barriers to healing. So being open minded is key to allowing our bodies to receive communication and the information they need to heal.

Why is it Important to Choose Our Words Carefully?

“Words have frequencies. I try not to label things good or bad. That helps me a lot with reframing without living in a state of chronic positivity. For example, people will say, ‘Hi, I have Lyme’. Saying, ‘I have Lyme’ gives it so much power,” Freddie said. 

How we speak about things matters because speaking puts energy behind our words.

What if instead that person framed it as “I’m experiencing the energetic vibration of Lyme”?  Or what if they said, “I’m healing Lyme disease”?

How might things shift? And what words can you choose to use to shift your frequencies?


Guest Author,
Suzanne Casamento

Suzanne Casamento is the author of Fingerprints and Choosing Tally and is currently working on her memoir Pre-Existing Conditions about her journey healing Chronic Lyme Disease. She is an AmpCoil ambassador in Santa Monica, CA.

To learn more or schedule an AmpCoil demo with Suzanne, check out  https://www.suzannecasamento.com/ampcoil-sessions-los-angeles.


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