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AmpCoil Offers PEMF and Sound Therapy To Go

AmpCoil Offers PEMF and Sound Therapy To Go

With consistency, AmpCoil’s PEMF and Sound Therapy proprietary technology can help shift the body’s energetic pathways and allow the body to do its job and heal itself. That’s why it’s so awesome that AmpCoil is PEMF and Sound Therapy to go!

What is AmpCoil?

AmpCoil is a proprietary PEMF system that combines the science of sound therapy and Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy into one portable device.

Magnetic Fields are the force that moves the tides and holds the planets in orbit and holds a deep significance in the realm of human health. The Pulsed Electromagnetic Wave, with its rolling energy field, envelops the body in a pervasive and transformative energy. Its influence reaches deep into the cells, organs, tissues, skeletal muscles, and bones of the body, producing an anywhere-and-everywhere effect.

Why is Consistency Important When it Comes to AmpCoil?

“It doesn’t happen overnight. We're not undoing 50 years of what you put into your body overnight,” says Tina Hice, an AmpCoil Practitioner and owner of Back to Our Roots Wellness in Salamanca, NY.

“The cumulative effect works,” says AmpCoil’s Freddie Kimmel, host of The Beautifully Broken Podcast. “Feel it or not, as you AmpCoil, every cell is dumping garbage a little bit. Every cell has a circulation boost. Every cell in your body makes a little more energy. So, it's small. And it's supposed to be small. You don't want to whack every single cell with a sledgehammer.

That process of entrainment over each session gives your body a little bit of extra battery. And the cumulative net effect after three or four months of doing that, three, four times a week, can often be seen.”

How Big is AmpCoil?

The entire AmpCoil system is in a hard-shell carrying case that only weighs 12 pounds. Plus, it has a handle so AmpCoil can go anywhere you go.


You can bring AmpCoil to your office, to a friend’s house, or any other place you or someone you love might want to experience an AmpCoil journey. 

PEMF in office


Can You Travel on a Plane with AmpCoil?

Absolutely. People live busy lives and AmpCoil was designed with that in mind. You can travel anywhere with AmpCoil.

“It's a great conversation starter in public, especially in the airport. Because it looks like a gun case, people are always asking me, is that a gun? I say, ‘Oh, it's quite the opposite,’” says Freddie Kimmel.

“I deliberately go to the airport early so I can clear my field and down-regulate my anxiety for flying. I make sure I have plenty of time to run Relax All or Harmonizer at the gate.”

The AmpCoil easily fits in the overhead compartment on the plane which is great because it contains journeys that can help with jet lag and grounding once you reach your destination.

How Can AmpCoil Ease Travel?

Freddie likes to run a pre-flight journey while waiting at the gate. His favorites are Relax All, Harmonizer, Circulation 5, Nutrition, or Detox Assist. If he’s taking a red-eye he'll run Deep Sleep before he gets on the plane.

“In my experience, this pre-flight coiling session has greatly diminished jet lag, fatigue, and that toxic feeling you get from breathing in fumes. In the past, flying would throw me off for a few days, but now I feel the difference and see it reflected in my HRV and additional recovery scores like resting heart rate.”

Can You Use AmpCoil Outside the US?

Yes. The AmpCoil 3.0 is an international unit that runs on 110/220 voltage. All you need is a regular travel adapter for your country and you can plug right in.

"I’ve traveled to Bonaire, Ireland, Scotland, and Greece with my AmpCoil and I was able to continue my healing journey as I traveled. Plus, it was so much fun to AmpCoil people I met along the way. "


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