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Try PEMF - Find a Demo Near You

Try PEMF - Find a Demo Near You

Finding a Pulsed Electromagnetic Device (PEMF) near you to try out and experience for yourself.

When you discover an exciting new wellness modality, I think the best advice I can offer anyone is to try the technology on for size...i.e. "Get on a System and see how you feel?" Nothing will substitute a personal experience of trying PEMF for yourself. AmpCoil has many locations across the United States, Canada and worldwide to find a demo near you.

Finding and Trying a PEMF device neaR You may help with*:

  • Circulation
  • Chronic pain
  • Relaxation
  • Sleep
  • Reduction of inflammation and more

Because AmpCoil combines frequency/sound therapy and pulsed magnetics it is a completely different experience than a standard PEMF device. PEMF technology exists on a spectrum from low to high power and gets even more complicated because each system uses its own multitude of different delivery systems.

AmpCoil is different. Why is AmpCoil More than PEMF

AmpCoil is known as a "Hummer" device as the magnetic field never stops and starts but oscillates at different resonant frequencies. AmpCoil often is experienced as an immediate effect on the autonomic nervous system and supports people moving into a parasympathetic nervous system state or rest-and-digest experience. The gentle delivery through a modified Telsa coil, will not cause the body to shake or vibrate but supports a general sense of well-being, sometimes warmth, and deep relaxation. 

Why Can't I just go to the PEMF Store?

Unfortunately, the consumer market for AmpCoils, PEMF near me, and frequency tools have not reached the levels of a Ford or Chevy car dealership. We do believe because of the safety and efficacy that this day is quickly approaching. Pandemic-induced anxiety, long haul covid, and the rising rates of autoimmunity are often tied directly to chronic stress management exacerbating the severity of most disease states. 

So how do I find PEMF near me?

Luckily for those interested in trying AmpCoil, we have thousands of excited owners who love to share their systems and their stories all over the United States, and beyond. AmpCoil owners who have chosen to share AmpCoil and completed additional training are called AmpCoil Ambassadors.

Ambassadors are trained in how to use the AmpCoil System and have personal experience with the technology. They are well versed on what to play for a first session, journeys, or sessions like Relax All, Demo Harmonizer, Positivity, Higher Self, and Balance the Mind.  

They may also help you demo additional features on the AmpCoil system like the Voice-Print, explore the software library, and experience the quality manufacturing of the system.

The easiest way to find a PEMF near you and get your body on an AmpCoil System is to book an appointment with a product expert:



* Reported benefits of PEMF include Circulation, Chronic pain, Relaxation, Sleep, Reduction of inflammation, and more. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=pemf