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AmpCoil’s New PEMF and Sound Therapy Copper Coil Mat

AmpCoil’s New PEMF and Sound Therapy Copper Coil Mat

At AmpCoil, we're constantly researching what's happening in the field of chronic illness. We hear from people with Lyme Disease, people with mold, people who just want to feel better, and people want to be able to sit down and complete an assignment without feeling like their brain is bouncing between eight different topics. 

When we look at the prevalence of stress, we can also see a correlation in the increase in rates of chronic disease in the United States. For the first time, life expectancy in the US has decreased. 
At AmpCoil a question we've been asking is, “How can we put the nervous system, which is the most intuitive state of healing, back into a state of self-correction?”
Our answer was innovation and product development.

AmpCoil System and PEMF mat

What is the new AmpCoil PEMF Mat?

Our AmpCoil PEMF mat is a new delivery system that has six copper coils laid throughout the mat. The new AmpCoil PEMF mat gives users a full body, systemic experience of the frequencies that come through the BetterGuide software and the AmpCoil System. 

How do the new AmpCoil Mat’s copper coils benefit users?

In our new AmpCoil PEMF mat, all the coils are wound with copper which is extremely malleable, flexible, and resistant. It can't be bent or twisted. It's corrosion resistant and it has electrical and thermal conductivity, so as energy moves through the coils, there is minimal resistance. 

“Even sitting on the mat without running a journey, you can feel the downregulation effects. Then you play whatever journey you're gonna play, and it's really special,” said Freddie Kimmel, Biohacker, Functional Health Coach, and Host of The Beautifully Broken Podcast.

How can the new AmpCoil PEMF Mat be used?

Users can choose to use the AmpCoil mat by itself, the coil by itself, or the two together as a Dual Delivery System. 

When you use the six coil mat at the same time as your traditional AmpCoil, the magnetics and entrainment are amplified, meaning users can experience quicker results because more information is being delivered in a coherent fashion towards the body.

How does AmpCoil’s new PEMF Mat work with the AmpCoil system?

A Dual Adapter allows users to run the coil and the mat at the same time. The mat provides equal magnetic strength to the coil, essentially doubling AmpCoil’s strength. So, the power that normally runs to the coil also runs to the mat and is distributed over those six copper coils. 

The adapter allows for both the coil and the mat to be utilized as a Dual Delivery system for a more powerful, robust magnetic experience. So, when you use both at the same time, you get twice the magnetic strength.

The Ampcoil Mat is optimized for the AmpCoil 3.0 system and will be  compatible with all older models.

What are AmpCoil users saying about AmpCoil’s new PEMF mat?

We test drove the new AmpCoil mat at the 2023 Biohacking Conference in Orlando. Here’s what users had to say:

I was able to drift off into another space. It felt like five minutes but it was 27 when someone kept saying my name and she was coming closer and closer and closer. I felt like I was in another space and time. It took me five minutes before I could physically get up from where I was because I felt like I was coming back into my body,
Sudeen D.
Integrative Pharmacist and AmpCoil Ambassador
I was a little agitated because I didn’t have great sleep. After AmpCoiling with the mat, I feel genuinely relieved. I feel like I came out of a deep meditation where I was floating in and out of relaxation and bliss and the 25 minutes felt like five minutes. I’m rejuvenated and ready to tackle the day,
Biohacking Conference attendee
This has been the most transcendent and impactful experience I’ve had thus far at the conference,
Chris M.
Biohacking Conference attendee
I went into a rest state in a short amount of time, only like 20 minutes, and it cleared my chakras and a lot of junk that was going on in my mind and now I feel open, rejuvenated, and very clear.
Hanna C.

We were already psyched about the new AmpCoil PEMF mat, but early users’ responses have us feeling twice the excitement!

We love that users love our new AmpCoil PEMF Mat and we’re excited for more of you to try it. Contact us today to order yours and be sure to let us know how it makes you feel.


Guest Author,
Suzanne Casamento

Suzanne Casamento is the author of Fingerprints and Choosing Tally and is currently working on her memoir Pre-Existing Conditions about her journey healing Chronic Lyme Disease. She is an AmpCoil ambassador in Santa Monica, CA.

To learn more or schedule an AmpCoil demo with Suzanne, check out  https://www.suzannecasamento.com/ampcoil-sessions-los-angeles.



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