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Wellness 2020 Album

Wellness 2020 Album

Wellness in 2020  

If this year has taught us anything, it’s that we need to be prepared for EVERYTHING. The 2020 Pandemic brings with it unprecedented stressors which manifest both physically and emotionally. Illness, loss of income, business and school closures, societal discord, social distancing, daily negative news, along with a divisive election, have taken their toll on our energetic bodies. 

2020 has shown us the importance of a robust immune system and the importance of lowering chronic inflammation. While vulnerability comes with genetic risk factors and pre-existing conditions, stress also plays a huge role in our resilience to stave off things like cytokine storms and chronic infections.

In fact, STRESS is scientifically proven to be the major contributing factor to diseases states of the body and mind. Chronic stress opens the door to runaway inflammatory pathways and leaves us in a state of reactivity to external stressors.

Uninterrupted stress patterns compromise the bioterrain of the body and lead to:

  • Poor immune response

  • Blood sugar dysregulation

  • Hormonal imbalance

  • Weight gain

  • Poor sleep

  • Chronic fatigue

  • Decreased Heart Rate variability 

  • And this list goes on and on…

Wellness 2020 – AmpCoil to the Rescue!

Because 2020 brought such unique physical and emotional challenges, the software team behind AmpCoil’s BetterGuide application was quick to develop the Wellness 2020 Album.

This Album includes 4 new journeys and creates easy to access frequency support right from your discovery page. Harmonize distortions in your biofield with resonant frequencies commonly associated with the issues that we’re all dealing with in 2020.*

The Wellness 2020 Album consists of 4 journeys:

  • Wellness 2020 (part I)  (30:15 minutes)

  • Wellness 2020 (part 2)  (39:39 minutes) 

  • Wellness 2020 (full) which is a combination of part 1 and 2  (59:16 minutes)

  • Respiratory Support (33.34 minutes)


How to incorporate Wellness 2020 into your AmpCoil usage:

Play Wellness 1. Wait 24 hours


Play Wellness 2.  

After playing your initial Wellness 1 and 2 journeys above, you may then move on to playing Wellness (full) or continue to play Wellness 1 and 2 depending on time constraints.

As a preventive measure or to support a healthy immune response play Wellness 1 and 2 or Wellness (full) once every week or two. If you are currently running a Cleanse, you may insert Wellness (full) one time a week between cleanses completed on different days.

“I was diagnosed with C-19 in the early spring. The fatigue and utter exhaustion was enough to keep me planted on the couch. As a competitive gymnast this was the polar opposite of how I usually live my life. This went on for months and I was not improving, and my family started to get worried about my recovery. Luckily a family friend knew about AmpCoil and they connected me with a unit we could bring into the home. Although I was skeptical, I started to see improvements in my energy right away. The dizziness, the fatigue, and lack of drive left my body with the first few weeks. After a month I was symptom free and back doing the things I loved. I no longer spend days on the couch and have no lingering symptoms including terrible headaches and myalgia pain in my muscles. I can not believe this technology exists and I am over the moon I was lucky enough to find it.” *
– Christine, San Francisco

Users have reported that Wellness 2020 provides a very grounding and enjoyable session. As with any journey, reactions may differ. The Wellness 2020 journeys emphasize bioterrain balance, cleansing, immunity, and strengthening the body’s magnetic field. Therefore, everyone will benefit no matter what your health challenges or goals. Always coil as tolerated and listen to your body's response.

*The Wellness 2020 journeys include vibrational patterns and frequencies based on the widely researched theory of cellular resonance, including frequencies for enhanced immunity and disrupting those commonly associated with viruses like coronavirus. The Wellness 2020 journeys contained in the BetterGuide App are supportive tools that do not replace medical consultation or treatment. The AmpCoil System is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, cure or mitigate any disease. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health providers to determine if the AmpCoil System, powered by the BetterGuide software application, is right for you, or with any questions you may have regarding usage.

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