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Life after Lyme

Life after Lyme

When you have Chronic Lyme Disease or any chronic illness, it can be hard to remember what life was like before you got sick. Brain fog, depleted energy, depression, chronic pain, and all the other awful symptoms that can come along with Chronic Lyme Disease make it hard to maintain hope that you’ll ever get better.

The good news is that many people experience a far more wonderful life after Lyme than they did before Lyme.

When Maddie Beam was 18 years old, she struggled with anxiety, depression, and fatigue. Her Lyme manifested in her joints.

“I had extreme brainfog, I couldn’t concentrate and was tired all the time. I took lots and lots of naps, but never felt fully rested. Then I started to AmpCoil. It gave me a feeling of relaxation that I hadn’t felt in so long. It changed my life,” Maddie said.

Here are some things to remember as you embark on your healing journey:

Healing takes time. 

AmpCoil acts as a tuning fork, reminding cells of the frequencies at which they should vibrate. With consistency, AmpCoil entrains cells to operate at those frequencies. The process of your body healing is not instantaneous. It takes time and patience to allow small shifts to create big shifts.

“I think that with healing any type of illness, you have to go through this type of pain first, while everything's coming out. You got to detox it, you know, go through the worst of it. And then that's how you get better,” 
- Maddie

Listen to your body.

Trauma and the chaos of our society can cause many of us to disassociate with our bodies. That disassociation can lead to dis-ease. As you continue your healing journey, a wonderful side effect can be re-associating with your body. As you tune into what your body wants and needs, your body will begin to thrive.

“I remember there was one time where I was deep into a detox. I said, I need to get to a sauna. I need to sweat this out. It helped so much,” Maddie said.

Stack your biohacks.

Like Maddie did with the sauna, it’s important to use different tools to help keep drainage pathways open. In many ways, healing is about letting go, so think about the body and all the different ways in which the body can let go of anything; an emotional burden, an environmental burden, or a toxin that may be in our system. Think about the tools you might use to clear them.

You might choose to incorporate sauna, ionic footbaths, Epsom salt baths, lymphatic drainage massage, breathwork meditation, and more. The tools you use are up to you. Listen to your body and let it tell you which ones it likes best.

What does life after Lyme look like?

For Maddie, life after Lyme looks like less anxiety, positive energy, and a whole lot of rock climbing!

We asked Maddie what advice she would give someone who is just starting their healing journey –someone who might feel unable to get out of bed, who is wondering, “Is this really my life?” 

“I would say the initial push is hard. But the amount of support that you get from healing and balancing the mind and the body can make such a difference. And it just gets easier. Day by day, step by step. You're just able to handle the inevitabilities that come with life,”  Maddie said.


getting your life back after chronic lyme rock climbing after recovering from chronic lyme


Guest Author,
Suzanne Casamento

Suzanne Casamento is the author of Fingerprints and Choosing Tally and is currently working on her memoir Pre-Existing Conditions about her journey healing Chronic Lyme Disease. She is an AmpCoil ambassador in Santa Monica, CA.

To learn more or schedule an AmpCoil demo with Suzanne, check out  https://www.suzannecasamento.com/ampcoil-sessions-los-angeles.