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Full Moon Journey

Full Moon Journey

Full Moon Magic

This Full Moon Journey may offer support during days of the month surrounding a full or new moon (half-moon) and is designed as a supportive and balancing tool for use during the waxing & waning lunar cycles.

Throughout history, there have been numerous references to moon cycles affecting us individually, as in agitation and increased feelings of fear, and collectively, as in the rise of crime rates during certain phases. In fact, the word lunatic originates from the Latin word “lunaticus” referring to madness being influenced by the lunar phases. 

At this time when the sun & moon are on opposite sides of the planet we can find ourselves at opposites within. Stress, anxiety, poor sleep, and agitation are common symptoms reported In those sensitive to subtle energies associated with lunar cycles. In order to balance these opposing forces we use the phases of the Moon to seek balance through this AmpCoil journey.

Full Moon Journey in the BetterGuide App

Full Moon Journey in the BetterGuide App

Mindset for Coiling: Be gentle with yourself as influential energies are in the atmosphere. 

Surrender to what is naturally happening, and know that you have a tool to help support yourself and harness the gifts being given through each phase.

The Science behind the Shift:
One of the reasons the moon cycles may have such dramatic influence upon us may be our microbiome. Your microbiome consists of the microbes that live in and on the body, and is composed of bacteria, parasites, viruses, and fungi, that outnumber human cells 10 to 1. (2)

Scholarly articles cite that parasites increase their movement in your body including reproducing around the full moon. This is due to our circadian rhythm being affected by the full moon cycle making our body produce more serotonin and less melatonin. (1) 

Starting with the beginning of the last century, a multitude of scientific studies have documented that physiological states and behaviors, during the lunar cycle, change in many organisms. So while the gravitational shift is evident in our bodies to some, we must also account for the changes in the microbiome which may affect our internal environment. (2)

The Full Moon Journey on the BetterGuide Software helps to balance your energetic field with customized frequency patterns of Solfeggio Tones. These tones are composed of ancient mystical musical scales believed to trace back to the beginnings of civilization. 

Solfeggio tones contain frequencies found in ancient mystical musical scales used throughout history to support spiritual well-being through musical frequency. Think about the beautiful experience of hearing monks chanting - can you feel the relaxation fill your body?

If music be the food of love, play on.”
—  William Shakespeare

Research has shown us that musical frequencies help to reduce levels of stress hormones, reduce blood pressure, slow down heart rate, balance brain waves, and calm the nervous system. What better way to navigate through these lunar energetic phases and find your grounded center!

How and when to use:

Use this journey before, during, and after, or if you’re feeling symptoms related to the full moon. Users have reported benefit from playing the Full Moon Journey up to three days before, once a day, and a couple of days after, if you continue to experience unbalanced states.

Pro Tip:

You may find it helpful to combine the Full Moon Journey on alternating days of a cleanse created from your voice print. Try incorporating any parasite related tracks and Vitality Top Hits from your voice print for a 4x, 6x, or 10x formula depending on how many items you include.

Also, consider running NutritionTune Up, and as always, focus on hydration before/after cleansing.

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