AmpCoil Pre-Purchase Assessment and Agreement

Thank you for your interest in AmpCoil. The AmpCoil system is a modern, intelligently designed, easy to use wellness tool that supports physical, emotional and mental well-being.

The AmpCoil PEMF system amplifies sound frequencies that are delivered to the body through magnetics. When combined with a general wellness program, such as a healthy diet, exercise, yoga, meditation, salt baths, plenty of water and other lifestyle choices, this technology may help you cleanse, shift and transform your entire being!

To see if this technology is right for you, please review the following information. This information is provided for educational purposes only. It is not a substitute for proper medical advice from a licensed medical provider. If you have any questions or concerns, please consult your doctor before purchasing or using this device on yourself or anyone else. Your understanding and agreement is required before purchase.

Section 1: AmpCoil and BetterGuide Disclaimer and Agreement

AmpCoil system, including the BetterGuide App, is designed for general wellness support, such as stress relief, pain relief, relaxation, peak performance, energy balancing, and mental clarity.

The AmpCoil product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate, diagnose or prevent any disease, and it should not be used to replace the advice or care from your own doctor or medical professional.

Any information delivered on the website or by any AmpCoil representative is not intended as medical advice and may not be used as such. The information provided with any technical training for use of the AmpCoil and BetterGuide App is strictly provided for educational purposes and for the navigation of the AmpCoil system in support of general wellness.

The manufacturers, distributors, trainers and staff members make NO CLAIMS in relation to the information detected by - or expressed in - the BetterGuide App. All information presented is for educational use only and is intended to help inform the user in understanding their individual journey.

We cannot and do not make any claims of any outcome resulting from use of the technology. Outcomes may vary from person to person and are based on individual health, size, weight, sensitivity, healing capacity, diet, stress and other environmental factors.

  • I fully understand that the services offered by Health Evolution Technologies (dba AmpCoil), the AmpCoil system and the BetterGuide App do not involve the diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, or prescription of drugs, radiation, surgery or any act which will constitute the practice of health care for which a medical license is required.

  • I agree that I am purchasing this device either for personal use or for use in my business practice.

  • I agree that, as the operator/owner of any AmpCoil system, I am solely responsible for anyone operating or receiving sessions from my device as stated in this disclaimer.

Coiling Usage

Please follow instructions for safe and effective coiling sequence and times. Every individual is different, therefore, listen to your body.

International Capabilities

AmpCoil 3.0 contains a built-in automatic 110/220V power sensor that has the ability to switch between US: 110V and International 220V - so it works only where 110 or 220 voltages are available.


  • 1 year warranty on amplifier and internal components

  • 1 year warranty on coil

  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty on the Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablet

  • 30 day warranty on cords included in package.
    NOTE - Does not cover defects or malfunction caused by customer misuse, abuse, improper maintenance, failure to follow operating instructions, or use with equipment with which it is not intended to be used.


90 Day Buy - Back Warranty

AmpCoil maintains a return policy of 30 days from the date you received your AmpCoil System with a 20% restocking fee; 31- 90 days from the date you received your AmpCoil System with a 40% restocking fee - for devices paid in full by cash, check, wire or credit card. AmpCoil Systems acquired through financing offered by AmpCoil are not eligible for Buy Back Warranty, return or transfer to another owner until the financed loan has been paid in full. All returns require that the AmpCoil device, tablet, and coil be returned in original 'as received' condition with all parts intact and all cords included. Refunds are only sent after the device is returned, inspected and approved as 'like-new' condition by AmpCoil's Quality Assurance department.

Section 2: AmpCoil Usage Precautions & Warnings

We would love for everyone to experience the benefits of the AmpCoil system. That said, there are certain situations where the use of the AmpCoil system or any PEMF/frequency device may not be safe. AmpCoil usage is NOT recommended in the following situations with noted precautions and warnings:

Electronic Implants - Not recommended for electronic implants, including: pacemaker, defibrillator, electronic insulin pump, ear cochlear implant, VSN or any other internal and non-removable battery-operated device. Always ask your doctor or medical professional if PEMF is right for you, if you have an implanted device.

Always ask your doctor or medical professional if PEMF is right for you, if you have an implanted device.

Metal Implants - Not recommended for metal implants, including: ferrite-based metal implants (meaning metals that can be magnetized or attracted to a magnet; these are often used after surgery). Many other types of metal inserts use inert metals like stainless steel or titanium (used for most pins, plates, screws, joint replacements, etc.) which are not magnetic, and these should be okay. If you have a metal implant, joint replacements, copper IUD etc., then do not place the coil directly on that area. Keep the coil 9-12 inches away from metal. If heat or discomfort occurs during coiling, move the coil further away from the area. If discomfort continues, discontinue use and contact customer support. Always ask your doctor or medical professional If you are unsure whether your metal implant can be exposed to PEMF.

Amalgam fillings - Not recommended within 9-12 inches of amalgam fillings in your mouth. Take these extra precautions before using the AmpCoil system if you have amalgam fillings: keep 9-12 inches away from your mouth, and contact customer support for details before you begin your first journey.

Pregnancy, babies and children - Not recommended for women who are pregnant or children under 6 months old. Women who are breastfeeding children over 6 months old may play rejeuvenating journeys only. Always keep the coil 9-12 inches away from the head. Contact customer support for guidelines for all children before puberty. Volume setting “Gentle 2” is recommended for all children 14 years and under.

Seizure and Seizure disorders - Not recommended for those who suffer from epilepsy, seizure disorders, non-pathogenic related seizures. Those choosing to coil with pathogenic-related seizures, such as those related to Lyme disease, do so at their own risk. If you are unsure whether PEMF is right for you, ask your doctor or medical professional.

Cancer - If you are receiving treatment for cancer such as radiation, chemotherapy or other medical treatments, AmpCoil usage is not recommended. The AmpCoil works with frequencies and electromagnetics that boost the immune system for optimal functionality, whereas chemotherapy has a tendency to suppress the immune system. Even treatments that stimulate the immune system such as immunotherapy are not recommended while coiling, as cancer treatments are dose-sensitive. Our customer support team does not offer medical advice. Upon completion of medical treatment for cancer, then AmpCoil usage may support your general wellness regime. If you are unsure whether PEMF is right for you, ask your doctor or medical professional.

Concussions - Do not coil during an active concussion. Always ask your doctor or medical professional if PEMF is right for you, if you have had a concussion.

Stem Cells - Although there are studies pointing to benefits of PEMF during stem cell therapy, every circumstance is different. Always ask your doctor or medical professional if PEMF is right for you, if you are undertaking STEM cell therapy.

Medications - If you are taking medication that requires regular monitoring, such as insulin or blood pressure medication, be sure to continue monitoring closely or as directed by your medical professional. Your coiling experience may feel different if you are taking medication. Always ask your doctor or medical professional if PEMF is right for you, if you are taking any prescribed medications.

Other Serious Medical Conditions - Users having serious medical conditions should seek the advice of a competent and trained medical professional before purchasing or using the AmpCoil system. Do not substitute the use of the AmpCoil system and/or the BetterGuide App for medical advice and counseling.

Sensitivity to WiFi, EMF, Metals, Chemicals or Nutritional Detoxification Issues - If you have experienced any of these sensitivities, we highly recommend that you visit a local AmpCoil Ambassador and arrange a series of demo sessions, including a cleanse, prior to making your purchase decision. If you are unsure whether PEMF is right for you, ask your doctor or medical professional.

Electrically Sensitive Materials/Devices - All electronic devices, cell phones, watches, tablets, magnetic jewelry, hearing aids, keyless entry and other electrically sensitive materials should be removed and placed at least four feet away from the active coil. Keep anything magnetic, including computers with magnetic disk drives, credit cards, etc. at least 6 feet from the coil during use to avoid deactivation or other potential damage.

Section 3: BetterGuide Custom Journey Disclaimer and Agreement

The developers of the AmpCoil system and the BetterGuide App understand that each individual is unique and that some may desire to develop their own unique pattern of frequencies within the BetterGuide “Custom Journey” section.

The AmpCoil system and BetterGuide App are designed to run frequencies from 4 Hz to 2,200 Hz. Custom programs are intended for use by those trained and familiar with frequency selection and coiling techniques. Users choosing their own frequencies must comply with the manufacturer’s technical specifications and limits of the equipment.

Anyone using this Custom Journey section of the BetterGuide App and the AmpCoil system does so at their own risk. Anyone using the frequencies beyond the range of our pre-set Journeys in the BetterGuide App does so at their own risk.

AmpCoil is not responsible for any consequences, whether intended or unintended, in your use of this technology with custom Journeys.

Section 4: AmpCoil Shipping and International Usage

AmpCoil Systems generally ship 4 - 6 weeks from the date that you complete your purchase. This applies to both domestic and international purchases.

AmpCoil Systems shipped to locations outside of the United States and Canada will incur a $500 USD shipping charge. You will be responsible for shipping costs if you require repair service on your AmpCoil System from a location outside of the United States or Canada.

International Usage: While the AmpCoil system works outside the US wherever a consistent 110V/220V power supply is available, It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that you are using the AmpCoil System with a power source that provides consistent, reliable power, and that is well grounded. Always ensure that you are using a consistent well grounded power supply, and never a generator to power the AmpCoil System. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that you are using the correct adapter plug for the country where you are using your AmpCoil System. Failure to adhere to International Usage requirements may void your warranty.

Although the AmpCoil system works outside the US wherever a consistent 110V/220V power supply is available, our sales, distribution, financing, service, and support are currently available only during AmpCoil’s scheduled North American business hours. We will do our best to respond to your support questions via email or chat if you are unable to contact us during our normal business hours.

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